ClariMind's Powerful Ingredients

ClariMind's potent formulation works continuously to bolster brain function and calm the mind to promote memory and concentration. Key ingredients include extracts of:

Gotu Kola - Rejuvenate cells, promotes natural relaxation, and physical and mental health.

Dwarf Morning Glory - Supports healthy brain function by stimulating the brain and calming an overactive nervous system.

Celastrus - Engenders mental rejuvenation.

Jatamansi - Improves memory and fosters natural calmness and clarity.

Long Pepper - Stimulates thermogenic response and boosts alertness and cognitive thinking.

Ashwagandha - Nurtures mental stamina.

Cardamom - Bolsters brain function to relieve mental fatigue, calms nervous strain, diminishes anxiety and stress.

Ginger - Fosters natural stress relief.

Put these powerful extracts to work for you -- try ClariMind today!