Clarimind's Customer Testimonials

Osborne (age 46) - Nyanza, Kenya

Sharif. Basically I would like to say that before I took ClariMind, my mind was confused, I could not remember basic tasks, especially phone numbers, simple phone numbers.

When I took the ClariMind, after a couple of weeks, towards the middle, I felt my memory increasing, my memory clear thinking patterns. And I would say could remember tasks.

And then after taking the ClariMind for some period of time, basically my mind has improved. Iím very much a clear positive thinker, and Iím experiencing a good change in my lifestyle because of the remembering to do things on time every time. And I am very happy for ClariMind, I've been recommending to my friends who did told me they do think clearly. Thank you.

Sharif - London, UK

This is Dale. I am calling for my wife and myself as well. My wife is getting the ClariMind and the Cardiofy. She had a memory problem, the meds that were given to us local here in America, were just disrupting her, the ClariMind has cleared everything up.

The Cardiofy is good for her heart and her blood pressure. I am taking the Cardiofy, and for the prostate, and again, the last checked-up, I am doing fine. Before I took the India Herbs, I had some problems from the local meds that I was taking.

So, at this point, the India Herbs took me about a year to really get fixed up. I am doing fine, so I ordered more for another year, that's the reason I get it, so thank you. Bye bye.

Dale (age 81) - Wisconsin, USA

Hi, I am Domingos, 68 years old. I have started taking the product (Ayurstate) for Prostate Care. The reasons why I am seeking Ayurvedic medicine is because of my frequency and urgency to urinate in the evening. I have a weak urinary track stream, and the feeling that the bladder is not emptied even when I have completely finish urinating. I also had urination interruptions, for every 10 to 50 seconds, which I have to stop and start several times during urination.

Ayurstate has helped me balance up and works very wonderful. I am very happy; I feel lucky and have a blessing from God, to have come across your website, for the products and its effectiveness. I started using the products dated back on 15/05/2010, although it has only been 16 weeks, I can feel an improvement. It is just like a miracle, because it has reduced the size of my prostate, better urine flow, minimizing of urination at night and improved ejaculation during sex. I feel very comfortable with it.

I will recommend to my family and friends as in the following points:

"This Ayurvedic product - Ayurstate, it is very good and its effectiveness is rapid, and they have a team of highly qualified doctors and physician, and India Herbs has a variety of products for any infirmity. The products will be recommended not only to my family and friend but also for interested distributorship opportunities for companies in Luanda (Angola's capital) since there a wide range of Portuguese speaking people. It is great that Singapore is able to facilitate access to all Angolans who have low or middle income, and purchase these wonderful products, and Angola will thrive to achieve good mutual business and relations with India Herbs".

I want to send 12 boxes of ClariMind - Memory and Concentration for my son in Leza, he is 17 years old and he has Cerebral Malaria (CM) that caused by the brain injury, and is having a difficulty in learning at school."

Domingos (age 68) - Angola, Brazil

Too many products that I've tried offer short term, unpredictable results with little guarantee of anything. Although I do understand that ClariMind needs upwards of four months for its most prominent results, I saw many positive effects within as little as the first week of usage.

Almost instantly (I take it before bed and at noon w/ lunch) my sleep became more lasting and rejuvenating. Along with this I also noticed an incredible increase in my memory recall. Just in class listening to lecture, I cant write nearly as fast the professor can talk, but its like my brain recorded what was said. There was no interruption in having to rethink what was said. This to me was incredible to say the least.

I have felt its effects on memory, energy and sleep and Im pretty confident that within a couple months Ill be witnessing an increase in focus and cognition as well. There are a countless number of other products that profess to have similar results. I can say now that I have tried at least the majority of these other products and none come close to the lasting power of this product. That is why I chose to order four more boxes of this product and will hopefully continue to do so for some time to come.

Best Regards,

Donald (California)

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Before taking ClariMind, I was having difficulties concentrating on my studies, I had low self confidence on my academic performance and feeling very tired and mentally fatigued. Now after taking the supplements for 2 weeks I started to feel confidence and more focused on my studies. My memory has become super.

Definitely ClariMind helped me on my academic performance. ClariMind made me love the revision and the challenge of learning new stuff, it also made me calm and willing to do better, it also improved my sleeping pattern. It is only 5 weeks now since starting taking the supplement, I think I will continue taking ClariMind for another few months till finish my degree.

I recommend it to anyone that wants to improve academic performance and motivation - specially students.

Ayman, UK

Thank you for the update call, it shows me that you value your customers. In regards too the Sunday night call, the package of CLARIMIND that†I received had phenomenal effects on me within the first†seven to ten days of taking the product.

Raj, I am letting you know that the Clarimind†Herbal Extracts did indeed change my mental focus 75% better and longer than any other products I have tried in the past over the years. That is why I am ready to purchase another box.